mardi 13 mars 2012

CRM Implementation - Fast and Cheap

CRM Implementation - Fast and Cheap by Luneos (10/11/10)

Are you worried that deployment of CRM system in your company would be expensive, time consuming and the outcome won’t meet your expectations? If you want to avoid such scenario, just continue reading this article in order to simplify your CRM implementation.

If you haven’t performed a detailed CRM analysis yet, or if you still don’t exactly know your requirements on new CRM system, then the best way is to start small. Instead of paying and setting up a complex information environment for the whole company, it’s much more valuable to select just a few departments and implement only a handful of core functions.

Such approach has several advantages: not only the whole project is simpler, faster and cheaper, but you can also easily test your vendor and his services. Moreover after launching the limited set of functions and features you can much better realize, in which areas of your business the usage of CRM can create a significant competitive advantage and where its use would be contra productive.

After evaluating the success of pilot CRM deployment (usually after 2-4 weeks), you can extend the system into other departments and add new functions or modules. Because you already have a detailed overview of available features, their benefits and implementation requirements, your chances on successful CRM implementation are much higher.

Also if you want to avoid the most common mistakes in customer relationship management deployment, we recommend you to read our CRM guide.

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