lundi 28 avril 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM History

Do you know Jukka Niiranen from Finland?

He's MVP and a relevant blogger specialized in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can find him here (among others) :

09/25/13: He's published a great post (as usual) about "History of Microsoft’s CRM Software".

This article has inspered me to buid a graphic timeline but I've never got time for this. Now it's done!
And really thanks to PFE too!

If you click on an item like UR14 (CRM 2011) ...

 ... you have the historical Microsoft link!

The current timeline lacks obviously many items, this is a first glance. Can you help me to complete this history (eg: next releases of Microsoft Social Listening, Dynamics Marketing, Unified Service Desk ...)?

Christophe (from France :)

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