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Weekly News #28: How much does Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 cost?

Some key points about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Licensing ...

Microsoft is offering its customers more freedom to choose and the ability to mix and match licenses, so they are not forced to fit every user into the same license. Equivalent offerings between on-premises, online and hosted by partners also make it easier for customers to compare and decide.  Access through mobile applications is included at no extra license cost across all licenses. On top of this, Microsoft is offering more value through Dynamics Planning Services and more options for online support.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes business personal. Now, choosing the right license is personal too.

Until now, CRM Online was available at only one pricing level while OnPremise proposed 3 prices.

Microsoft plans to include access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM through mobile applications with every online and on-premises license of 2013 release, with no additional license fees for mobile access. That eliminates the discussion of how many times a sales person should pay for a seat if she or he has a desktop, laptop, tablet, handheld, …
Question : Are functionalities the same between laptop and mobile devices ?

3 CAL/USL models :
  • Professional : For the core CRM users, who need the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Recommanded by Microsoft (of course !)
  • Basic : To manage accounts, contacts, leads, cases and access custom applications
  • Essential : To access custom applications

OnPremise Licences
End Users -> CAL : Client Access Licenses
2 kinds of CALs : user or device
Estmated prices for License + 1 year Software Assurance

Question : What’s up about Workgroup Server release ?
Question : What’s up about External Connector ?

Online Licenses
Memo : Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was introduced in April 2008
End Users -> USL : User Subscription License

Included capacity :
- 1 production instance
- 1 non-production instance with 25 USLs
- 5 GB of storage

For every 20 USLs, the storage capacity increases bu 2.5 GB, up to 50 GB at no additional charge

The monthly charge for Professional Edition will bring Dynamics CRM in line with’s Professional edition, which also costs $65 per user per month, but also amounts to a $21 per month price (+48%) hike for customers that want the full range of Dynamics CRM features.

Question : What kind of control/restriction will be applied to Online limited licenses (vs OnPremise is based on declaration) ?

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- Introducing a more flexible and personal way to buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by Dynamics Community (07/08/2013)
- Microsoft switches up CRM Online licensing model, aims at by PC World Business Center (07/08/2013)

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